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Moonlight Decadence

Oil Slick Lovely Lum Enamel Pin

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$8.00 USD
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$8.00 USD
Get this beautiful heart shaped enamel pin, featuring one of the most popular (don't forget cute) and beloved characters from the late 70s and 80s! This pin follows the rainbow hair Lum designs featured on the latest book covers and illustrations.

She's a cute space alien in love with her darlinnnnggggg!

Pin details:

  • Size - 1.25"
  • Material - Black, hard enamel
  • Backing - Two black, rubber clutches
  • Design Feature - Screenprinting and glitter. Engraved with logo on back.

Decorate your purses, backpacks and jackets with this adorable girl!


B and C grade pins are also available for lesser prices. Grading Guide:

A - No noticeable flaws or small, minor imperfections.

B - Few noticeable flaws on inspection. Small imperfections that may include small scratches, scuffs or offset screenprinting.

C - Very noticeable flaw that may include and/or range from tiny bubbles, specks, scratches, scuffs and offset printing.