Always Learning

It's been fun learning the manufactoring process! This is one of the first items I've ever had produced. It was extremely fun designing this pin. Figuring out what layer goes where, what colors look best and what materials I wanted to have was interesting (and difficult)!



☆ No exchanges or refunds unless severe damage upon receipt


☆ To receive refund the order must be shipped back without further damage to the product first


☆ Shipping will take place between 2-4 business days after purchase


Other Information


☆ All pictures are taken with studio lighting equipment or in well-lit environments to provide accurate color representations


☆ All items will be shipped in a secured bubble mailer or via a secured box through USPS first class mail and/or priority depending on the package weight


☆ In case of lost mail please contact your local mail provider

Always Improving

I'm still learning the processes as I go of course, but each new product is made better with the knowledge I've learned. Moonlight Decadence is my baby of some sorts and I'm the only one (aside from my partner sometimes) working on it so please enjoy watching my growth!